01 Introduction

I began streaming content for my local church via internet radio in the early 2000s, which laid the foundation for me to get into livestreaming. By 2010, our channel received approval to stream on Livestream.com (prior to its acquisition by Vimeo). Since then, I've expanded my streaming experience to include a diverse array of content and events. When the pandemic struck, my home studio became a hub for multiple weekly shows, ultimately hosting over 200 live streams within two years.

  • Modern Techniques and tools
  • Multicamera, Remote camera and Zoom/Teams integration
  • Multilanguage and Orchestra
  • Graphics, lower-thirds, transition and Slides

02 Description

Using Stream Deck customized actions, I can integrate various tools to work together. This paired with a custom built video workstation provide the maximum flexibilty. With the groundbreaking Atem Mini I have live streamed interviews from the field using 5G.

Where am I?
  • Location

    Washington, DC

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