Lights, Sound, Camera, Action!

I have worked in a wide range of studio environments throughout my career, from home studios to aircraft showroom hangars.
Each experience has taught me valuable lessons about what makes a studio functional and how to enhance its usability to meet versatile production demands.

  • Design | Install

    I have designed and installed studios for houses of worship, individual content creators, and media agencies. Collaborating with architects, integrators, and electricians, with the goal to ensure the best possible outcomes for every project.

  • Maintain | Operate

    I have provided maintenance and upgrades for studio equipment and IT infrastructure. With countless hours spent on studio video production, audio recording, and photography, I can confidently say that studio work is my most comfortable and favorite environment for creating content.


It's all about controlling the behavior of light and sound waves within a defined time and space.

Technical Operations

Expert in camera operation, microphone selection and placement, and scene lighting techniques.

Filming & Set Management

Expert in adapting sets and staging. Directing camera selections and crew control.

Post-Production & Support

Expert in editing, color correction and audio mastering. Signal Flow for live broadcasts.

Hands on Experience

Some highlights from my studio experience


Is the maximum Resolution I have worked on for a single Program Output


Control and Switching of Video Input Sources


Studio Productions Serving as Technical Director


Audio Sources and Level Mastering for Studio Music Recording.

Federal Aviation Administration
Various Contracts

Offered technical leadership for live events, conferences, live streams, zoom events and public-facing occasions, coordinating seamless logistics for equipment transportation via air cargo across USA/LATAM.

Conference AV Support

Expertly configured and deployed a diverse range of equipment, including PTZ cameras, PTZ controllers, digital audio mixers, RF audio receivers, video switchers, recording decks, light controllers, projection systems, multi-monitor displays and supporting network infrastructure.

CANSO / Infina
Lead Video Producer / Editor

Specialized in curating extensive training media libraries tailored for a global audience, employing a diverse range of multimedia formats, including mixed media, 3D elements, and simulated graphics.

Where am I?
  • Location

    Washington, DC

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